Jul 112012

Author: Kristin Hall

Now that the holidays are over and spring is on the horizon, it is easy to take the fresh fallen snow for granted; but it doesn’t have to be that way. Snowshoeing is one of the best ways to get out and appreciate that snow, especially if you don’t have the dough to go skiing.

Yes, I’m talking about that odd sport that involves walking around with tennis racquets attached to your feet. Needless to say, snowshoeing has come a very long way from its modest roots. Original snowshoes did look eerily like wooden tennis racquets.

Now-a-days there are several different kinds of snowshoes, each built to adapt your favorite outdoor interests to the Colorado winter. If you just want to cover flat terrain, use a light-weight medium sized snowshoe. There are also small light-weight models, made for running as well as larger heavy duty shoes made for backcountry and mountaineering use.

If you don’t already own snowshoes the good news is that snowshoeing inexpensive, which makes it perfect outdoor pastime for college students. Renting snowshoes at the CSU rec center will cost only $4 per day. They are also available to rent at REI for $18 per day.

Choosing a place to snowshoe is extremely easy as well. You can choose a golf course or a public park if you want to take a quick relaxed jaunt. If you are looking for something a little more challenging, and would like to make it a day trip, try choosing a national park. Though keep in mind that there may be an entrance fee.

Don’t forget that even though you aren’t rolling in the snow necessarily, you will still need to bundle up for the weather. Be sure to wear a warm waterproof jacket and shoes. Waterproof pants are not required but are suggested.

Get out and give snowshoeing a try. It’s one of the least expensive and easiest activities to get out and take advantage of the snow before spring.

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