Jul 112012

Author: CollegeAveStaff

Making dating harder since 1986

By Kelly Sterner

There is no such thing as a good wingman. There’s nothing quite like watching one clueless man lead another in pursuit of the opposite sex. It’s like the blind leading the blind.

I’ve found that the guy who agrees to be a wingman is usually the same guy that couldn’t find his own date for the evening.

If your wingman of choice is attractive and charismatic, yes, he will attract the ladies. However, they won’t even notice he has a friend lurking next to him. On the other hand, if your wingman is socially awkward, he’ll either be a repellant, or attract undesirable bar flies.

If you think wingman advice websites can help fine-tune your wingman’s skills –  in the words of Dr. Cox from “Scrubs” – “you better replace the captain of your brain ship ‘cuz he’s drunk at the wheel.” The people who create these sites haven’t picked up a chick since 1986 when the term “wingman” gained popularity in the movie “Top Gun.”

Have no fear – Your wingwoman is here.

Women make better wingmen, hands down. Even in a bar setting where women know they are being hunted like a gazelle drinking at the watering hole, they have their defenses up and pepper spray ready to fire.

A wingwoman can start up a casual conversation, breaking the ice without gimmicks or having to bring up how much a polar bear weighs. This is where subtle namedropping and praise comes in for the shy ladies-man-in-the-making standing next to you.

I discovered how much better women are at playing the role of a wingman on one of my many adventures with my brother. As weird as it is, women assumed we were dating, which made casual conversation easier.

Apart, we’re social caterpillars. Together, we’re social butterflies.

Thinking a man is already attached makes a woman assume two things 1) at least one woman in this world can tolerate him, and 2) he won’t hit on me. Voila, the barrier has been knocked down.

When I correct their assumption and tell them he’s my brother, they think it’s cute that he hangs out with his little sister. At this point I fade off into the crowd and hope for the best.

Knowing I’m there to pick up the slack makes him feel at ease to be himself. Plus, even “good” wingmen confuse having game with acting like a tool bag. A woman can spot it from the parking lot.

If you’re still not convinced you should trade in your wingman for a more feminine model, I offer up a few logistics to mull over. A wingwoman won’t steal the girl, can spot other desperate males and cut them off at the pass, and will never use the term grenade or relate the process to a heroic war.

Being a wingman isn’t rocket science – if you’re a girl.

Women know their own kind the best. So don’t count on your chronically single comrade to get the ball rolling.

If all else fails, take the plunge and learn to be social on your own. Then, only you are to blame when your target writes that elusive phone number on someone else’s cocktail napkin.

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