Jul 112012

Author: CollegeAveStaff

By Kelly Sterner

The ‘90s: before Eminem was sensitive, when The Price is Right gave away real cars and not a Fiat or a Prius, Windows 95 was choice, and TGIF meant something.

As a child of the early ‘90s I was thinking back on my favorite toys. Everyone can use a little extra cheddar in their pocket so I looked into what toys from the ‘80s and ‘90s are going for on eBay.

If you’re able to part ways with your beloved Nintendo NES or SNES, you can make some money. The consoles themselves averaged about $100, but throw in some games to add to your profit.

If you were one of the cool kids walking around with an original Nintendo Game Boy in your backpack, they average out at $30. The 1998 Game Boy Color goes for about $35.

The Original Teddy Ruxpin Bear from 1985 was said to be the next big-ticket toy on a recent episode of “Pawn Stars.” Right now, in good condition with the box and cassettes, it goes for around $150. I’m not sure how many elbows my grandparents had to throw to get us one of those for Christmas, but I’m sure it was like the Cabbage Patch Kids incident of 1983.

There are a lot of smaller ticket items. Tamagotchis and Giga Pets vary in price online with the originals going for upwards of $80.

Thinking back, Pogs were kind of dumb, but we never-the-less got conned out of them and a lot of allowances were lost in hard-core games at recess behind the backstop. While there are some rare Pogs, most Pog sets with slammers included go for around $10 to $20.

Most Tech Deck toys are worth something and in some cases can be worth a lot in the original package. But how many of us kept our tech deck boards and ramps in the package? Seeing that we actually played with our toys and didn’t keep the boxes, we can’t make more than a few bucks on most things.

Sell your old Razor Scooter. The average price is around $35 for an original. If the handle bars hit you below the waist you don’t look cool on it anymore, so why not make money?

Now that you can store all your music electronically you can sell your old Warren G, Beastie Boys, Blink-182, Crazy Town, and even that Spice Girls CD you swear you don’t own, to places like Second Spin for a few bucks a piece.

As for Pokémon cards and Beanie Babies that felt like gold at the time, demand is low and unless you have a rare item, you’ll be lucky if you can afford a celebratory hamburger.

The most surprising money-maker from the old toy box is old McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. I have the entire Flintstones city from the early ‘90s which all together can fetch around $20.

It’s not a gold mine, but it’s something. I can’t part with nostalgia so I won’t be selling anything just yet. I’ll hold onto my treasures for another decade.

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