Jul 112012

Author: Logan Martinez

By Logan Martinez

Placemats have always been seen as a one purpose kind of object, but this tutorial takes that ordinary object and turns it into a great, usable purse.


1 placemat (sold at all grocery stores and dollar stores, the one used here was bought at The Dollar Tree for $1)

A button or charm

1 old elastic hair tie

Needle and thread or sewing machine


First, fold the placemat in half and determine where it should be fastened down with the button or charm. In this tutorial, the placemat was folded in half and then folded again where the ends folded to the center over the fold. Pin this spot where the button would be best.

  1. Take the button and fasten it to the purse where it was marked, using a needle and thread.
  2. Where the placemat will fold over and meet the button, rip a small part of the seam holding the outside edge together, as seen in photograph.
  3. Take the elastic hair tie and sew the placemat back together with the tie inside of the hole, make sure to sew it down where it will fit snuggly around the button.
  4. Now that the button and elastic fastener have been attached, fold the placemat in half with the short sides together, match them up where the button is on the outside and the fastener will come together and pin the sides all the way down to the fold.
  5. All it takes now is to take the needle and thread and sew the sides all of the way down to the fold, or do the same with a sewing machine.


That is all it takes! Simple, inexpensive and easy to use. It works to hold all the essentials, even a small notebook. Works great as a last minute gift for friends for that Valentine’s Day gift too!

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