Jul 112012

Author: Hannah Woolums

By Hannah Woolums

Rugby is a sport that is most commonly associated with males; it is an intense full contact sport with substantially less padding than other activities. This sport has also allowed for rising popularity amongst women. For junior, Aspen Williams, an Equine Sciences and Communications/Spanish major she has found a new curiosity in this intriguing form of recreation. Her interest was first peaked by a booth in the CSU involvement fair, leading her to join the CSU Women’s Rugby team.

“I’ve always had an interest in the sport but never played. I got into it after talking with some girls at the CSU women’s rugby booth at the Spring Involvement Fair. I’ve been playing for 3 weeks” Williams said.

Although only being on the team for a short time Williams has already been impacted by the sport and is taking away skills that she will always remember.

“It is not a huge commitment but we still get the experience of playing against other universities. I had no idea how to play rugby previously and will be taking away that knowledge along with new friendships” Williams said.

Even though she is knew to the Rugby, Aspen has the background of other sports that have come to her aid as a new member of the team. Williams’ speed from previous sports is attributing well to her new found pastime.

“Rugby is really cool because it is a full contact sport and it does not require you to wear any protective gear. Also, it incorporates aspects of many different sports. My abilities and speed that came from my participation in soccer and track carried over into rugby and allowed me to become a starter my first season” Williams said.

In regards to the rules of the game, Williams says that there is no difference between the women’s and men’s team.

“There isn’t a difference because the rules are the same. (But the women’s team is just better.)” Williams said.

Even though she has only been a member of the team for a short period of time, Aspen has already made her mark, and team president Madison Williams expects her to become an even better player as time progresses.

“The great thing about rugby is how welcoming it is towards new members. For most girls, like Aspen, the first game they see live, is the one they are booted up for. Even though Aspen has only been playing for about a month she has already shown great athleticism and knowledge towards the game. Since she has played soccer it was a pretty easy transition for her and definitely attributes to her skills for rugby. I can see her developing into an even greater rugby player because she is dedicated and willing to put in the effort to be better, which is sometimes rare to find and something you can’t teach” Williams said.

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