Jul 102012

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By Saira Taylor


Are these pants hot, or is it just me?

HotPants, originally from the U.K., are the latest weight loss craze recently introduced in the United States for women. These wetsuit-like pants can be worn under clothing or as is to promote an increase in sweating.

HotPants can be worn daily, during workouts, while sleeping, on a date, or just as an addition to your everyday outfit.


How HotPants work:

The secret is a lining of bio-ceramics.

Bio-ceramics is a material produced from combing mineral oxides such as aluminum, magnesium and silica. The ingredients are heated at extremely high temperatures and the result is the bio-ceramic material.

These heat waves intensify heat naturally generated by the body resulting in much higher levels of sweating.

The pants create a boost of circulation leading to the breakdown of fat cells that contribute to the appearance of cellulite.

Bio-ceramics is harmless to humans and its thermal characteristics are beneficial for reducing water and toxin accumulation.


Gross Alert!

Because HotPants promote so much perspiration, wearing these pants can create an ideal environment for bacteria, causing infections or rashes.

Similar to a wetsuit, the pants are made of nylon, polyester and neoprene, which can make for a struggle to pull on after using the restroom.


Where to find ‘em:

HotPants are available for $70.63. They come in two colors, black and nude and in three lengths, short, capri and long, which vary in price from $70.63 to $109.88.

Visit www.zaggora.com to learn more about HotPants or visit their Facebook page: HotPants, for information and reviews.


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  1. I’ve developed a NASTY rash and they are EXTREMELY ITCHY for days and require a few visits to the doctor – after using Zaggora Flares.

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