May 062012
Authors: Emily Smith

On April 23, five male students dashed across the Lory Student Center Plaza, donning silly hats and hollering loudly. Also –– they were completely naked.

In light of this recent streaking incident, the Collegian is taking a look at some past pranks on CSU’s campus.

  • Panty raid results in expulsion*

In May 1952, William E. Morgan, standing president of CSU at the time, received warning that a panty raid was being planned, according to James E. Hansen II in his book “Democracy’s College in the Centennial State: A History of Colorado State University.”

“Although generally tolerant of youthful exuberance, in this instance the president was concerned about offending the parents of Aggie students,” Hansen wrote.

“Learning that one fraternity had played a key role in promoting the idea,” he continued, “he called in its president and informed him that any actual participation would result in immediate dismissal for the persons involved.”

Turns out the panty raid happened anyway and according to Hansen, resulted in highly unfavorable publicity for CSU.

“Utilizing photographs taken at the scene, he (Morgan) succeeded in identifying five male students illegally cavorting inside of Rockwell Hall,” Hansen wrote. “Each admitted his guilt and each was summarily expelled from the College.”

  • Cow demolishes dorm room*

Gordon “Hap” Hazard, CSU alumnus, retiree and current library volunteer, remembers a practical joke in the late 1990s.

“There was a steer that got loose in Edwards Hall,” Hazard said. “He was running around on the lawn and somebody thought it’d be a good idea to open the door.”

Hazard said the young cow –– which had likely gotten loose from the Animal Sciences building or the old Veterinary School in the Glover building –– got into a student’s dorm room and “completely demolished” it.

Climbing the library walls

Patty Rettig, head archivist at Morgan Library, recalls a certain prank five or six years ago, she said.

“A student scaled the front of the library and got on the roof with a cape on,” Rettig said.

When authorities climbed up to get the student, he jumped off the back she said. Rettig said that students climbing up the walls of the library and other buildings was a fairly common occurrence.

Streaking for charity

More recent pranks of the past decade have made headlines as well. On Oct. 28, 2006, “Streak-a-palooza” took place following a Saturday football game, according to the Collegian article “Streakers drop clothes, raise cash” by Geoff Johnson.

According to Johnson, three students organized the event to raise money for the Livestrong Foundation. They ended up making only $58 even though 313 people streaked through a vacant field a mile and half north of Hughes Stadium.

  • Women’s basketball players prank teammate*

January 2007 held a prank by four women’s basketball players that led to their suspension. According to Dan Boniface in a 9News article, the players set off a chemical bomb as a prank outside a teammate’s apartment.

Two players quit the team and the other two eventually returned.

Snakes in a classroom

Following a snake-in-class prank in September 2007, two CSU students faced misdemeanor charges, according to the Denver Post article “CSU charges 2 in snake prank” by Vimal Patel.

“The students allegedly set a bull snake loose in a class of about 150 students,” Patel wrote. One student was bitten by the snake, which was apparently caught in the Poudre River.

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A Snapshot of Past Pranks
-1950s: panty raid
-1990s: loose cow is let into Edwards Hall
-2000s: student climbs up the library and jumps off, women’s basketball players set off chemical bomb, students release a snake in class

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