May 062012
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

On May 4 CSU’s Office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services completed its investigation and decided to expel the three football players involved in the April 6 fight and one other student.

One of the players, Nordly Capi, feels the media coverage resulted in his expulsion, not the incidents of the fight itself, in order to save face. Regardless of the university’s motivation for expelling the three players, it was the correct decision.

Their actions that night did not reflect the character and expectations the university has for every member of its community. As football players, whether they like it or not, they have been given the responsibility to represent the community on a scale others cannot and the trust of the community to do this admirably. They betrayed that trust by breaking the law and the student code of conduct.

Some will agree with Capi and see this decision as a public relations ploy. But consider the damage caused in the aftermath of the fight. Their decisions that night embarrassed fellow student-athletes, the athletic department and the university as a whole. Allowing them to remain at CSU would have sent the wrong message about what the school expects from its students and the seriousness of their actions.

CSU has made it very clear that violating the student code of conduct is a severe offense and carries an equally severe punishment. The university showed the community such actions will not go unpunished and they should be applauded for making the correct decision.

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