May 042012
Authors: Kara Sawinska

Jamming out to music is a common practice among college students, and headphones can make or break that listening experience.

Although different headphones and earbuds brands exist, a type that is specifically sold at RAMtech, located in the Lory Student Center at Colorado State University, is Skullcandy.

According to Hunter Reece, a senior zoology major and employee at RAMtech, the Skullcandy products sold at RAMtech range from $15 for basic earbuds to $125 for Skullcandy Aviator headphones.

“They make a lot of different models just for different tastes,” he said.

RAMtech’s Skullcandy Fix models are earbuds purposely designed to stay in one’s ears, while their Skullcandy Riot models are one of their hottest items because they are fairly inexpensive.

Skullcandy Skullcrusher models offer further diversity because they have more bass. Reece said the bigger sound associated with the bass comes from the driver size.

“[Theoretically], when you get up to the bigger ones, you get a bigger sound and a better quality because they have more room to project everything,” he said.

Aside from Skullcandy having a wide range of models, there is also variety within the different models.

“They have a ton of colors, which is kind of aesthetic, but, you know, it would be silly to say people don’t care what it looks like…so they definitely did a good job of that,” Reece said.
Another advantage with the Skullcandy brand, according to Reece, is the warranty.

“When you [register online], if anything were to go wrong, they are really good about replacing it, or…they’ll give you half off a new pair if yours broke.”

Although Skullcandy models have these benefits, one of the disadvantages with headphones and earbuds in general has to do with the product’s plug that goes into an electronic device.

“I feel if headphones companies wanted to improve on anything, they should shield that because, most of the time, if somebody has an issue, it’s one ear phases out,” he said.

This potential drawback, however, does not seem to be deterring music lovers. “I’d definitely say headphones is our heaviest sale and then Skullcandy, out of those, is the most common,” Reece said.

For those who want to jump on the Skullcandy bandwagon, the models sold at RAMtech typically run between $5 to $15 cheaper than if buying them through the actual Skullcandy company.

“I would just say choose wisely,” Reece said. “I mean if you’re going to be listening to music all the time, might as well get something good, right?”

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