Apr 292012
Authors: Kate Simmons

As university students begin to pull all-nighters for the impending finals week, they will have a new on-campus location to use to slog through their studies.

Construction on the Morgan Library Study Cube finishes Monday. For the rest of the semester, students will be able to access the study area using their ID cards at any time during the day or night.

“We wanted to provide a 24/7 study space for students,” said Morgan Library Dean Pat Burns.

The cube – part of the $16.8 million library renovation project – will serve as the entrance to the library with doors on the side facing the Lory Student Center as well as the side facing the Clark Building,

Construction began in March 2011 and has been executed in 12 phases. The project is currently in its 11th phase and will be completed in July.

“The construction crew has been working seven days a week to get this open,” said Tom Moothart, Morgan Library’s Assistant Dean of Delivery Services.

The floors of the Study Cube are heated and the windows were installed with photometric glass. This allows the windows to darken according to the light levels outside. There will also be solar panels on the cube’s roof.

Elevator access and two stairways lead to the second floor, where study areas, tables and couches surround the elevator. Tables can be moved so large study groups can make enough space to study together.

The construction team working on the library renovation also built the Behavioral Sciences building. They planned out both of the projects in phases to avoid disrupting student life as much as possible.

“We knew we’d be pushing people over (to the Behavioral Sciences building),” Moothart said. “We were very concerned. We knew parts of the construction were going to be very noisy.”

Some construction workers on the team even came in at night after the library was closed to do some of the noisiest work.

“There were still some noisy parts, but we tried to do core drilling and that kind of stuff at night,” said Troy Bohlender, a former CSU construction management student and superintendent for the project.

The team has worked every day for two weeks to complete the construction in time for dead week and finals week. Moothart explained that they want to see how the students use the space and work out any kinks so the library construction will be finished before fall semester.

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