Apr 172012

Interviewed by Erin Udell

While Wednesday is the university’s official I Love CSU Day, nobody can deny that our mascot, CAM the Ram, loves our school every day. From doing back flips at basketball games, to sweating in his uniform during football season, this committed fan rams us out of the competition. And, if you’re anything like us at the Collegian, you’ve also wondered what goes on behind the infamous Ram mask.

Collegian: How did you first get involved as a mascot?

CAM: The start of my involvement with CAM was actually quite random. I was having a burrito with a good friend and the guy who was the current CAM at the time. I had no idea because I had never met him before. We hit it off and he offered me the position on the spot. You don’t have to be lucky like me though, we hold tryouts at the beginning of the year or anytime throughout the year by contacting the cheer coach, whose information can be found on the athletic website.

Q:What are some of your duties, and did you need any specific qualifications?

A: There aren’t very many duties as CAM. As CAM, you do promotions and make appearances for sponsors. But, most importantly you get to be the exciting, lovable CAM everyone has come to know and love. How I do that is pretty much up to me; there is a lot of freedom as CAM.

It helps to be open to trying new things and to not be afraid to do embarrassing things in front of people. It helps that no one knows who you are. It also helps me to be athletic. If I wasn’t athletic, back flips off the media box at basketball games probably wouldn’t happen.

Q: What are your favorite (and not so favorite) parts about being CAM?

A: Honestly, it’s so incredible to have the opportunities that I’ve had as CAM. The girls on the cheer team and the Golden Poms are all awesome and so fun to be around. I got to travel to Las Vegas and Louisville with the team for basketball. Hearing everyone cheer when I do a back flip or sled down the hill at Hughes Stadium is exhilarating. One of my favorite memories so far is giving underprivileged kids new shoes with the Goodie Two Shoes organization in Las Vegas.

My least favorite thing is when fans don’t come to games. Our student fees buy us season tickets to every CSU sport. That’s awesome! Our fans are known across the country and teams fear our home crowd, especially when we are packed to the rafters. So why not come, you’ve already paid for it!

Q: With I Love CSU Day coming up, what do you love most about CSU?

A: I love my fellow students, every single last one of you is awesome and I appreciate you all. The professors are cool people, some even cool enough to turn a physics principal into a new way to greet each other –– props to you Brian Jones (although a lot of us may be concerned about that last PH122 exam, nudge, nudge).

Q: Does the ram suit ever get unbearably hot?

A: Ha, hot is an understatement, even covered in snow at the Border War Game, I was still sweating. So yeah, CAM is blazing.

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