Apr 172012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

Not many people look at their clothes and think about the intricate steps and processes that each single piece went through to make it from a designer’s mind to your closet.

But we should.

As reported in today’s front page article about the “Beyond the Surface” fashion show, an annual showcase put on by CSU design students, many of our fellow classmates have been slaving away for months –– planning, designing, stitching and ironing each individual piece of clothing for our viewing pleasure.

And, in the spirit of solidarity, we should take advantage of this opportunity to see what it is these people go through as they’re taking the next step in their young, yet promising design careers.

Tickets are only $10 for students, and attending the showcase would send a bigger message than most would think. It shows those hard-working students that all of their late nights and frustrating panic attacks, which we imagine end with piles of angrily shredded pieces of fabric, were worth it.

Trying to make your dreams come true is hard, but it’s even harder with no support.

So show up and prove to these students that what they’re doing is incredible –– that putting yourself out there and giving everything you have to something you love is worthy of our attention and our support.

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