Apr 112012
Authors: Kyla Cullinane

Looking for some late night fun that you don’t have to be 21 to enjoy? How about Salsa Dancing at the Rio Grande Restaurant in Old Town? I’ve been there myself and it was a ton of fun! You don’t even have to know how to dance.

Every Tuesday night, excluding April 3rd, in The Agave Room above the Rio Grande restaurant at 143 W. Mountain Ave. in Old Town, they have salsa dancing lessons for $3 starting at 7:30. The lessons last for 30 minutes and at 8 the music starts for open dance. There are people of all different dancing skill levels, so no worries if you have never set foot on a dance floor. The dancing without the lessons is free.

This is a great way to go and meet new people and to take breaks from the sometimes monotonous life of school. Overall it is a safe environment, where you can just hang out with friends, dance with total strangers and have a little fun.

Salsa is an easy dance that by just paying attention to the teachers an amateur can learn quickly. I, personally, am not a good dancer and had a tiny bit of experience in salsa dancing but was never really good. After I went last Tuesday night, I now can say I know how to dance Salsa. With the right partner or friends it’s extremely easy.

Dancing is over by 10, so no worries about going out on a Tuesday. So get a group of friends together and come have some fun learning a new dance at the Rio.

Unfortunately, on April 3rd there will not be any dancing due to another event being held, but every Tuesday after that, be there at 7:30! For more information on the restaurant and salsa dancing visit their website www.riograndemexican.com/fort-collins.

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