Apr 102012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

As demonstrated in today’s front-page article on GUIDE’s “30-Day Challenge” check-in, a bunch of CSU students are taking on personal challenges for a month, and we think the members of our Student Fee Review Board should be among them.

After voting Monday to approve two more student fee increases totalling $10.31, we think SFRB should accept our personal challenge –– we think they should try going 30 days without approving more fees for CSU’s already burdened students.

Throughout the semester, we’ve noticed that SFRB has been approving increases for student-fee-funded areas left and right, something that came to ASCSU Senate’s attention on March 22 after the introduction of Resolution 4106, entitled “Urging Student Fee Funded Areas to Avoid Fee Increases.”

The resolution, which was voted into emergency status after a 30-minute debate, urged student-fee areas to explore alternative avenues of funding instead of just requesting fee raises.

While we think this would be the right direction for fee areas to start going, we also think it’s up to the SFRB to set a precedent and send a message: if you want a fee raise, be prepared to work for it and prove that it’s in the best interest of CSU.

And, hey, even if not passing a fee for the next 30 days may seem unrealistic to members of SFRB, we can confidently say they won’t approve any more for at least the next five days. After all, that’s how long it is until the next meeting.

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