Apr 092012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

Friday night four CSU freshmen were assaulted outside of a party by three men who are allegedly role models at our university, heroes we cheer for –– win or lose –– and CSU Ram football players.

The men, whom these freshmen had likely rooted for at football games, left some of the students severely beaten with eye contusions and footprints on their bodies, even landing them in a local hospital.

In the days that have followed, CSU students have taken to social media to condemn this sickening violence. A Facebook page titled, “Student petition to expel the players involved with the 4/6 CSU assaults,” has appeared and amassed more than 3,000 supporters.

The support the university has shown for these students is impressive. It’s clear our student body doesn’t want to see peers getting assaulted on weekends, it doesn’t support this disgusting brutality, and it is willing to be vocal about it.

What happened Friday night is completely unacceptable behavior for any CSU student –– athlete or not. We can only hope that, if charged, the university will handle this situation as they would with any other student.

It’s embarrassing to think that athletes who have been chosen to represent our school could act like such scum. But CSU students who are angered need to remember, however, that although it is allegedly CSU football players who assaulted these freshmen, these actions don’t reflect the entire football program or CSU athletic department.

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