Apr 082012
Authors: Jason Pohl

The wooden signs, paper fliers and Associated Students of CSU campaign crusades have been put aside for another year, ending a nearly three-week election process that dominated the plaza.

President-elect Regina Martel and her running mate Joe Eden easily defeated John Dietrick and Max Muller during last week’s ASCSU election, and they have already begun the process of making some big plans for the students’ futures at CSU, specifically in reaching out to all areas of campus for input.

“I think it’s going out to everybody and not just stopping at that open door policy,” Martel said, adding that her goal is to “see where the holes are.”

The time for celebration was short. The day after being chosen as the future leaders of CSU, Martel and Eden were already in meetings analyzing the 2012/2013 $1.9 million budget, which goes before ASCSU Senate Wednesday for confirmation.

The biggest feedback from students so far has hinged on wireless Internet across campus, according to Martel. She said she is in the early process of working with the University Technology Fee Advisory Board to see where the need is and what can be done in buildings across campus.

She added that efforts to create a “syllabus-sharing” website and upgrade the test file program are in the early planning process. Additionally, she plans to work more closely with faculty, which she said is ultimately “half of our job.”

“If there’s that cohesive relationship and that collaboration, I think there’s a lot opportunity for students to get the most out of there academic career,” she said.

Martel had already worked within ASCSU as the deputy chief of staff, but adding the highest student-held position at CSU to her resume is a big step. She has already been examining what the ASCSU structure should look like in terms of staffing and job descriptions.

“I think that I’m really lucky in that I saw the inside of the cabinet structure and got to work with it every single day this year,” she said. “I’ve seen what works well.”

“The last thing that we’re gonna do is waste student dollars,” she added.

Martel and Eden met with current ASCSU President Eric Berlinberg in the days after the election to discuss what programs have worked well during the past year and where some changes may be needed.

Berlinberg described the next few months as an interesting period that can be strange in ASCSU, especially with people in between jobs and the administration in transition.

“Rachel and I are mentors to Regina and Joe right now,” he said. “We’re here to answer questions.”

Berlinberg explained that his current administration has a lot on the table for the upcoming month including negotiating the contract with Transfort, building relationships with candidates for the upcoming House and Senate races in Colorado, having a voice in the search for a new basketball coach and chancellor as well as serving on the stadium advisory committee.

He added that Martel will face an additional challenge to completing her own campaign goals in deciding which programs to continue from this year, like the late-night bus route and advances to RamRide.

“It holds her to a much higher expectation than I think she was expecting to be held to,” he said. “It’s going to be challenging. I’m really confident, and I think she can do it.”

Of the challenge, Martel said she has high expectations of setting the precedent for student involvement and fostering a healthy relationship between the city and university community.

In the meantime, she said she plans on learning as much as possible in the coming weeks, especially on decisive issues like the potential on-campus stadium.

“The day after we were elected, we were both in the office ready to get to work,” Martel said. “We will be working as hard as we possibly can for students and making sure we are really responsive to what they need.”

Senior Reporter Jason Pohl can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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