Apr 052012
Authors: KCSU Mikaela Antonelli DJ Rae

Wish you could go back to the 80’s and enjoy all the amazing movies, horrible fashion and great music? Have you ever dreamt in neon? Do you fantasize about Duckie and Jake Ryan? Well, you might be in luck.

This Must Be the Band, a Talking Heads tribute band, will give you the opportunity to teleport back to the Reagan era.

This band has recreated a 80’s feel in their music and continues to amaze audiences with their likeness of the rather famous funk band. This Friday, This Must Be The Band is playing at Hodi’s Half Note for $12 — you may have seen the flyers around campus with a man holding his hand up with a straight face, as if to give you an awkward high five.

This band is a well-welcomed blast from the past. Originally from Illinois, this band has come to grace Colorado with its Talking Heads greatness. The band has only been together since 2006 and has been playing Talking Heads music at various venues since then.

Charlie Otto, also in the band Savvy, plays the guitar and sings. Kasey Foster, also of the Night of Living Entertainers, among other groups, also contributes her vocal abilities to the band. Jamie Jay, who is also in the band Harmonation, plays bass.

Jim Dinou, also in Impossible Recording Machine, graces the stage with his keyboard skills. And finally, Alan Maniacek, Larry Beers and Dustin Row play drums, and Pat Sweeney and Drew Littell play other percussion instruments.

Although tribute bands sometimes get a bad reputation, this band seems very promising given its array of different musicians and they fun catalogue they have at their disposal. They’re bound to put on a good show.

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