Apr 022012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

After meeting with both Associated Students of CSU campaigns this week, the Collegian Editorial Board would like to officially endorse John Dietrick and Max “Moose” Muller for our next student government president and vice president.

While candidates Regina Martel and Joe Eden bring impressive ASCSU experience and good ideas to the table, Dietrick and Muller would mix up student leadership and get more people involved in an organization that you should be excited to learn about and work with.

Why? Because they’re different. While most people might look at ASCSU members and just see them as, well, ASCSU members, Dietrick and Muller can be seen as John and Moose — two friendly, approachable guys who lead the student body and want to hear your input.

By being involved in things outside of ASCSU, they’ve proven themselves to be just like us –– students who are interested in organizations, issues and events outside of student government.

They also took a stand on campus issues, like the proposed on-campus stadium, throughout their campaign while Martel and Eden stressed seeking the student voice before making any decisions.

ASCSU terms are short –– only one year –– and we need someone who can go in there and hit the ground running without having to wait for student voice surveys that half the campus doesn’t even respond to anyway.

Though Martel and Eden had good ideas, they were vague and a little bleak. While they wanted to “ensure that the student voice is strongly considered in all future construction projects,” Dietrick and Muller want to lobby for textbook tax exemptions, get RamRide to home football games and have a U 2 liaison to increase communication between CSU and the city.

We want to see people in ASCSU that get others excited about the work they’re doing. We want Dietrick and Muller, and hopefully you do too.

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