Apr 012012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

There has been a long history of disagreement between Colorado State University and the Fort Collins community on a variety of issues. U 2 and medical marijuana dispensaries are two of the most recent issues that have divided the communities. Now, we have a new, expensive and permanent controversy on-hand: the on-campus stadium.

Naturally, students are all for an on-campus stadium –– the convenience of it, the benefits it will bring the university nationally. And naturally, FoCo community members are opposed –– the noise, the space it will take up.

CSU’s Alumni Campus and Public Engagement Committee recently released a poll showing how people (CSU faculty, students, alumni, etc. along with community members) felt about the possibility of building an on-campus stadium.

Almost 40 percent of the FoCo community is strongly opposed to the on-campus stadium.

Throughout the process, community members have seemed completely uninformed about the possible on-campus stadium.

One person thought the stadium was going to cost $400 million (it’s not), other people have thought it was already a done deal (it’s not) and some even thought it was going to take academic money (it’s not).

The FoCo community needs to be informed about this stadium to not only ease their own minds, but to provide valuable feedback to the university trying to decide if an on-campus stadium is a possibility.

On top of that, they need to realize that they live in a college town. Fort Collins is here because of the university, which is the economic backbone and largest provider of jobs in the area. An on-campus stadium may just be what comes with living in a college town, and it’s important for the community to be open to that possibility.

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