Mar 292012
Authors: Jason Berlinberg

1. “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”— David Fincher’s stylized re-imagining of the equally impressive Swedish film/novel combo was one of 2011’s best. (DVD)

2. “The Hunger Games”— Coming off a record-breaking opening weekend, “The Hunger Games” is looking primed to fill the Harry Potter void in the book-to-movie adaptation realm. And just like the Harry Potter series, it’s actually a good movie.

3. “The Secret World of Arriety”— Another beautiful release from the famed Studio Ghibli (“Spirited Away”). (AMC Cinema Saver)

4. “Casa de mi Padre”— The next logical step for Will Ferrell’s acting career: star in a completely Spanish-speaking movie. (Lyric Cinema Café)

5. “The Adventures of Tintin”— Like an animated “Indiana Jones,” “Tintin” has an infectious sense of adventure and is great to look at. (DVD)

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