Mar 292012
Authors: Bailey Constas

Whether you’re a t-shirt and jeans kind of person or a suit and tie kind of guy, we’re all looking for that high quality, good fitting tee.

But what if you were to buy a designer tee that not only looked good, but had an agenda for doing good? Cody Sudmeier and his brother Joey Sudmeier, a CSU alum, did just that by creating All The Above Clothing.

“The designer tee company is based upon the slogan, ‘express yourself, change the world,’” said Joey Sudmeier, who will be at CSU Friday to promote his clothing line and speak to students.

The “express yourself” portion of the slogan takes different inspirations from Facebook fans and turns them into tees.

“The tees are good material but it’s all positive,” Joey Sudmeier said of the message on the clothes. “That came in light of seeing so many graphic tees. They’re all skulls and cross bones and they’re negative and dark. We wanted to be cool and edgy but positive.”

The second portion of the slogan, “change the world,” comes into play in the company’s goal to find new non-profit organizations to support. Every month, All The Above Clothing designs a shirt for a non-profit then sells the shirt, giving the non-profit organization 100 percent of the profits.

The brothers’ vision is of a company that gives back.

“When the economy dies down, people get resourceful and reevaluate what their values are and find out what kind of corporations are really giving,” Joey Sudmeier said. “We kind of just research, try to find non-profits that fit our image that would want to be a part of it.”

Friday, All The Above Clothing will be stationed at different points around campus handing out free t-shirts to students. The visit to CSU is part of a campaign of theirs called Campus Invasion, which promotes their vision as well has hits a key number of their market demographic, the 18 to 34-year-old population.

All day the group will be posting clues on their Facebook page as to where they are around campus to whoever “likes” them on Facebook.

“I know people give away shirts on campus all the time, I call them work out shirts,” Joey Sudmeier said. “Ours are not that, you can wear them to a bar or a club, they fit you.”

ATA will also give out gift cards to their online store as well as a local business in town.

Joey Sudmeier, as a CSU alum, specifically mentioned the possibility of Big City Burrito or Snarf’s being possibilities for gift cards.

“With CSU, we want a bigger connection than we’ve had in plans with any other college,” he said. “This one is definitely impactful.”

CSU is number three on the company’s tour, hitting the University of Colorado and University of Georgia previously. They will be visiting Kansas State University next.

On top of handing out free clothes Friday, this week Joey Sudmeier has also been speaking in CSU classes like Jeffery Miller’s.

“I asked Joey to come to my class because he represents what I hope for in all of my students –– an entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to give back to his community and the willingness to get his hands on every aspect of his business,” said Miller, a professor in the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department. “I wanted my students to see these qualities personified in a graduate of the HM (human nutrition) program so they can say: ‘hey, I can do that too.’”

Freshmen fashion merchandising major Emily Henning said that it’s about time the fashion industry had socially responsible businesses.

“The fashion world is very shallow and selfish –– it’s cool when an organization like this comes out and comes to campus and talks to younger kids,” Henning said. “There is a selfless side to fashion.”

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