Mar 282012
Authors: Taylor Pettaway

Editor’s note: Associated Students of CSU presidential candidate Regina Martel is a current Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation board member.

Students at CSU were hit by a political wave this past week as campaign supporters and candidates flooded the Plaza for this year’s Associated Students of CSU presidential election.

And, while some decided to ride that wave, others kept avoiding it like the plague ––– showing a general attitude of indifference.

“I suspect that there is a relatively small sub-set of the student body that is interested, paying attention and perhaps working on one of the campaigns,” said CSU political science professor John Straayer. “But as a fraction of the full student body, I’m inclined to think this is a small percentage.

“But, nothing unusual here,” he added. “Good heavens, how many citizens are all tied up in knots over their local, state and national elections? Some are, and they make lots of noise, but numerically it is not a huge percentage.”

Though candidates Regina Martel and John Dietrick have dedicated time and effort getting their messages out to students, Martel said not much is getting through to the student body.

“Some [students] respond positively, and some don’t,” Martel said. “And recognizing that some students are passionate about other things is something we have had to try and notice and respect. Having an active student body who votes and cares about where their money is going is the best way for students to voice their opinions.”

Some students, like freshman biology major Christian Neel, say they feel like they’re uninformed about the role ASCSU plays and what the election means for the university.

“I’d say that I am only kind of interested because I am not really sure what the ASCSU president and VP really do,” Neel said. “I just feel uninformed about the position as a whole.”

Some students, like junior food science and human nutrition major Kayla Fredericksen, say they are willing to listen to the candidates, but not willing to seek out information on their own.

Taking the time to actively engage usually isn’t seen as a major priority –– even to Straayer, who said he, like students, has not really been following the election closely because of day-to-day obligations.

Whatever the reason is for student’s lack of interest in the elections, the candidates feel that students should start paying attention because of how the elections affect them.

“Having students involved enables student representatives to tap into the talent of our diverse community,” Martel said. “(This) ultimately empowers our campus to continue to make all aspects of student life better.”

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When to vote:
April 2 to 4 on RAMWeb

Presidential Tickets

Regina Martel and Joe Eden
Slogan: “Putting students first”

John Dietrick and Peter Muller
Slogan: “Moving CSU Forward”

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