Mar 282012
Authors: Colleen McSweeney

The Beatles tribute band Doctor Robert isn’t trying to be the Beatles. They’re not trying to sound like the Beatles, either. And since one of their members is female, they’re definitely not trying to look like the Beatles.

Doctor Robert is simply trying to keep the Beatles’ music alive.

“We’re not one of those groups, you know, who are pretending to be exactly like the Beatles –– pretending to sound like we’re British and everything,” said Kevin Reiner, the band’s manager and lead vocalist.

“But we’re keeping their original sound, while adding a modern interpretation,” said Reiner, who also plays bass, piano and guitar for the band.

Almost two years ago in Crested Butte, Colo., Reiner –– who still works as a “heavy machinery operator” in the ski town –– decided to actualize an idea he’d had for years.

“I’d seen another Beatles tribute band play at a wedding reception years earlier that really blew my mind,” he said. “Ever since, I’d had that idea tucked away in the back of my mind.”

So he approached his friend Casey Falter, a stone mason in Crested Butte and someone he knew had a talent and passion for music, having played guitar for various bands throughout the past decade.

Falter says that before performing in Doctor Robert, the Beatles never stood out as one of his favorite bands. But through performing their songs, he’s come to learn the undeniable impact they’ve had on the culture of music.

“The songs themselves have just come to intrigue me so much,” vocalist Falter said, who also plays guitar and piano for the band.

“To use a modern term, (the world) has never seen anything so viral as the Beatles,” he said.

For the past year and a half, Doctor Robert –– who named themselves after an obscure Beatles song of the same name –– have been performing throughout Colorado at various events, but tonight’s show at Avogadro’s Number will be their first stop in Fort Collins.

“One of the reasons we keep pushing along on our tour is how widely recognized the music we play is,” Falter said.

“Whether we do a late-night bar gig, or some morning performance for five-year-olds, we’re always approached after by people saying how much they liked the music. They’re really songs everyone can enjoy,” he said.

Doctor Robert, who change their set list for every performance, will be performing at least 40 songs tonight, and the songs will range energy levels from “Love Me Do” to “Strawberry Fields.”

Senior mechanical engineering major Paul Scholz knows all too well of the Beatles’ impact on American culture, past and present –– his parents even named him after Paul McCartney.

“The Beatles were such a big part of life back then, and they still are,” Scholz said.

“They were more than just music –– they transcend human emotion.”

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What: Doctor Robert, a Beatles tribute band
Where: Avogadro’s Number, located on 605 South Mason St.
When: Today, 8 p.m.
Cost: $10 cover

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