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Authors: Colleen Canty

Editor’s note: Associated Students of CSU presidential candidate Regina Martel is a current Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation board member.

Based on the statistics, it’s remarkable Regina Martel is even in college.

And based on the numbers, it’s even more remarkable she’s now running for president.

Martel, junior Associated Students of CSU presidential hopeful, belongs to a group of diverse and minority students whose parent never attended college –– now in her third year at Colorado State University, she wants to run it.

In a partnership touting extensive ASCSU involvement and interest in politics, Martel and junior ASCSU vice presidential hopeful Joe Eden hope to impress on voters their ability, willingness and desire to represent students who may feel they are the minority in some way.

“I know as a first-generation student, college was hard to navigate for me,” Martel said. “We want to reach out to students to make sure they know they have resources and needs being met to get their degrees –– we’re in a good place with the students and administration and want to capitalize on that.”

The two current ASCSU members may be in more than “a good place” in regards to influential politics, however. They happen to be in several.

Martel is currently the deputy chief of staff at ASCSU, has previously directed RamRide for two years and holds an internship with the vice president of Student Affairs, which begs eight hours of her school week. In the past, Eden has juggled two jobs, more than 40 hours of work each week, 18 class credits, an ROTC cadet sergeant status and his ASCSU senator position.

“If I slow down, I sink,” Eden said. “I have to keep busy, I have to keep my feet moving. The campaign has been busy, but I just don’t feel comfortable unless I have that full work load.”

Looking anything but uncomfortable in matching “Vote Regina and Joe” t-shirts –– wide-eyed and talkative in the otherwise-sluggish, 9 a.m. café crowd at the Behavioral Sciences Building –– Martel and Eden are already synchronizing loaded, personal schedules, shifts on the Plaza and articulate speech of a platform focusing on being the voice for the isolated, alienated or underrepresented student.

“We want to hold student feedback forums, physically go out to resident halls and actively engage with people on the Plaza,” Eden said.

While this withstanding dedication and commitment to student government seems overwhelming to some, Martel and Eden have taken time to appreciate the CSU campus and surrounding Fort Collins community. The two are both Colorado natives and resonate with the “small-town atmosphere” and “sense of home” they’ve felt during their careers at the university.

“Family is one of my huge motivations, and I needed a place where I could easily go home,” Martel said. “CSU was only three hours away and when I stepped on campus, I immediately felt the tradition and pride of being a Ram.”

Martel even managed to find time to swap her dress suits and heels for basketball shorts and high tops, experiencing first-hand the excitement of representing the Rams.

“I love intramural basketball,” Martel said, not a hint of frivolity in her tone. “We made it to the second round of playoffs this season; we lost, but we’ll get over it. And some separation from ASCSU is always helpful.”

According to Martel, ASCSU’s tendency to deal exclusively with its own members and lack of seeking student feedback may rub students the wrong way — a stigma she and Eden say they will strive to abolish.

“Regina is one of those people where there could be one million things going on around her with one million things she has to do, but she will completely zone it out just for you,” Jake Pappas, a sophomore English education major, said of his fellow classmate. “Presidents can sometimes get stuck in that business mode, but she always just wants to be there for you as a friend.”

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Regina Martel

-Age: 21, junior
-Birthday: Jan. 25, 1991
-Studies: political science and communication studies at Colorado State University
-From: Stratton, Colo.
-Lives in: Fort Collins
-High School: Stratton Senior High School class of 2009
-College: Colorado State University class of 2013
-Occupation: Deputy Chief of Staff at ASCSU
-Future career goals: apply to student affairs or work in human relations
-Favorite movie: “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” or reruns of “Friends”
-Favorite quotations: “If we did all things we were really capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”
-Role model: Mother

Joe Eden

-Age: 20, junior
-Birthday: April 17, 1991
-Studies: political science and interdisciplinary law at Colorado State University
-From: Lamar/Woodland Park, Colo.
-Lives in: Fort Collins
-High School: Woodland Park High School class of 2009
-College: Colorado State University class of 2013
-Occupation: Senator for the College of Liberal Arts at ASCSU and chairman for the Committee on Internal Affairs
-Future career goals: Graduate from law school to work in corporate law
-Hobbies: bull riding, fishing, camping, backpacking, ranching, farming –– anything outside.
-Favorite movie: “Miracle”
-Favorite quotations: “Roll with the punches –– tomorrow’s another day” and “No success comes without a good fight.”
-Role model: Eric Berlinberg

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