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Mar 262012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

It’s not out of the blue to see police officers in Old Town Square at night. It isn’t even that uncommon to see people being arrested and loaded into the back of patrol cars. But after a YouTube video of an early Sunday morning incident was posted later that day, Sgt. Jon Holsten of Fort Collins Police Services said in a news release that he’s received several inquiries about the circumstances surrounding the video.

As reported in an article on today’s front page, two officers were approached by the operator of a bike taxi service regarding damage to one of the bikes. The officers were then directed toward three men walking away from the area.

The video, called “Fort Collins Police Dept. in Colorado arrest man for being assaulted by an officer” then shows an officer shove one of the men they were directed. Soon after another officer grabs the man and handcuffs him.

In the article, Holsten is quoted saying, “A video is only part of the story –– there’s always more. We need to find out what happened before and after and when the camera pans away.”

And we agree. Though it may look as if the police officers are in the wrong in the video, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are. After all, things aren’t always as they appear.

After the numerous inquiries about the video, Police Chief John Hutto has ordered an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident. We think this is the best step the police could take under these circumstances. We urge them to find the truth and we hope that whoever is in the wrong –– be that the police officers or the man who was shoved –– are held accountable for their actions.

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