Mar 222012

TribalTique, a tribal belly dancing company, is pairing up with the Underscore Orkestra at Avogadro’s Number Saturday at 7 p.m.

“Join us for an engaging, full-bodied performance of passionate music and dance influenced by sounds and movement from the Balkans, the Middle East and Spain, as well as American and Gypsy Jazz, Blues, Swing and Klezmer,” said TribalTique’s website. TribalTique’s “unique style combines classic American Tribal Style posture, vocabulary, and improvisational cue dancing with polished technique and cutting-edge Tribal Fusion.”

The dancers will be moving to music by the Underscore Orkestra, a band from Portland, Ore. that plays a “blend of Balkan, Klezmer, Gypsy Jazz and Swing, with a repertoire consisting of both original and traditional material,” according to the band’s website.

TribalTique’s website encourages attendees to bring their dancing shoes and join them for a night of Old World fun.

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