Mar 212012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

Here at CSU, or at least here at the Collegian anyway, no time of the year is more anticipated than the Associated Students of CSU presidential election. The 2012 election has been underway since Monday, and frankly, we’re a little bit disappointed.

The two tickets, Regina Martel/Joe Eden and John Dietrick/Peter Muller, don’t seem to have the enthusiasm that was seen in the 2011 election.

Just walking through the Lory Student Center Plaza, the atmosphere is noticeably different. Only a couple people haphazardly hand out fliers or candy, others sit nearly falling asleep beneath campaign tents. Where’s the excitement? Even if the students aren’t that pumped for elections, can’t the candidates try to pretend they care about what they’re doing?

Last year, the candidates were out there like crazy, with legions of supporters attempting to gain interest. Maybe it’s because we only have two tickets this year, or maybe it’s because this next generation of ASCSU doesn’t have the passion?

What are you going to do for us, candidates? How are you going to improve our university, and why should we vote for you when you don’t even seem to care?

What we’d like to see is candidates who are vying for our constant attention. We want candidates who are utterly obsessed with improving student life, who have dreams for our campus. We want to see candidates who would do anything (and we mean anything) for us.

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