Mar 212012
Authors: Matt Miller

Playing shows on the road can be hit or miss for bands just starting to branch out of their hometown. That is why members of Fierce Bad Rabbit said it’s comforting to play shows on the familiar stages of their own town of Fort Collins.

“When you come home from tour it’s nice to have people engaged,” said Fierce Bad Rabbit vocalist, guitarist and pianist Chris Anderson.

Having been chosen by students as the CSU Best Local Band, FBR knows just how much the city and the university appreciate their music.

“We’re treated awesome in this town,” said Dayton Hicks the bassist for FBR. “Your hometown is where you get the most love.”

As a four-piece including Alana Rolfe on vocals and viola and Max Barcelow on drums, Anderson said FBR’s sound is, “kind of pop-rock with elements of indie culture with lots of harmonies and touching melodies.”

The band, which just celebrated its third anniversary, has gained notoriety in a relatively short time. FBR has played the South By Southwest music festival twice, made it to the top 10 in last year’s KTCL Hometown For The Holidays, toured the country in 2011 playing more than 150 shows and released two albums.

This success is something Anderson and Hicks attribute to prior experience in other bands and music projects.

“The recipe was everyone was experienced and knew their role,” Anderson said. “We came out with a shaped product. The band had its sound right away.”

Hicks agreed that it was this understanding that got FBR moving so quickly.

“All of us were pretty well-seasoned in this local music scene,” Hicks said. “We knew what to do and what not to do.”

Greta Cornett, president and cofounder of the Fort Collins Music Association (FoCoMA) and the Fort Collins Music Experiment (FoCoMX) said this success also comes from the versatility of their music.

“This band in particular is able to attach to different genres,” Cornett said. “They’re not afraid to be themselves and fans react to that.”

Specifically, Cornett said that fans connect to the accessibility of FBR’s lyrics, the depth of their songwriting and their ability to draw in people from different walks of life.

“They bring a sound we didn’t have,” Cornett said. “A little indie, a little pop, a little rock.”

For the members of FBR the music is as much for themselves as it is for the people who hear it.

“I want people to walk away and feel that they understand the song,” Anderson said. “It makes them feel that it’s the most perfect song for that moment –– when you’re feeling angst or love.”

FBR hopes to release a new album later this year and is playing in Fort Collins on April 13 at Hodi’s Half Note for Fort Collins Music Experience, FoCoMX.

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