Mar 212012
Authors: Bailey Constas

Every night, students are faced with the same question: “Where should I go to eat tonight?”

And now that it’s been voted by CSU as the best dorm and dining hall, that answer for most meal plan carriers might just be the Ram’s Horn at the Academic Village (AV).

“The atmosphere is better than the other dining halls,” said Breanna Robb, a freshman journalism major. “It’s bigger, there’s more space and just more seats.”

Ram’s Horn opened in 2008 with the Academic Village residence hall, a $42 million facility.

The two story, 44,000-square-foot dining hall features a sports grill on the bottom level open for late night service until 11 p.m. and Ram’s Horn Express, which includes an espresso bar, to-go meals and a convenience store selling everything from hummus and pretzels to condoms.

On the top level, a salad bar, Mongolian grill modeled after the local Fort Collins restaurant HuHot, burrito station and many other taste options are offered.

“The Mongolian grill is the best part,” said Katrina Sawaya a freshman fashion merchandising major. “I feel they just have healthier options than other dining halls.”

Students aren’t the only ones who enjoy AV’s wide variety; the dining hall employees do as well.

Mr. X, or Rob as his name tag reads, is a checker at AV who has worked for Housing and Dining Services at CSU since 1999.

“I like the kids a lot, they’re friendly … 90 to 95 percent of them are at least,” said Rob, who worked at Edwards before they shut down the dining hall to move to AV.

Feeding the endless stomachs of CSU’s students runs in the family. Rob’s cousin, who works at Braiden Hall’s dining facility, is retiring this year after working with CSU for more than 30 years beginning when she was 14.

Aaron Seymour, a senior mechanical engineering major and worker at AV, said he enjoys serving the ravenous students who come through the dining hall doors.

“At my job I distribute food to the hungry freshmen at CSU,” Seymour said. “What I like about it is the easy-going environment … and the students are usually happy and thankful to receive food, especially late at night … and AV offers a wide variety of dishes every day.”

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