Mar 192012
Authors: Andrew Carrera

CSU President Tony Frank walked into the Cherokee Park Ballroom on Monday afternoon, plucked a chair out of its neatly lined rows and sat himself in front of the 12 students who showed up to the open forum he invited the entire campus’ 30,450 students to attend.

“There’s no real remarks, there’s no particular format. It’s just a chance to get together and see what’s on all of your minds,” he said, sitting back in his chair. “If you have questions, advice, I’m happy to hear it.”

And hear it he did.

“I want to know why you guys have to charge for parking services over spring break, when the bus routes don’t run and the library’s open a limited amount of hours,” said James Snell, a junior communication studies major.

“I don’t know,” responded the university president, looking across the room to one of his staffers who copied down the student’s information, joking that he’d only use it to follow up with the concern. “ … I’ll look into it.”

Frank was holding the second of four question-answer sessions to elicit the concerns of key CSU audiences. Faculty and staff voiced their thoughts in Feburary. In April, administrative professionals will have their turn to ask questions.

The last open forum will be held in May, where all members of the campus community are encouraged to attend. But Monday’s 4 p.m. meeting belonged to the students.

“I want to send out a signal to people, whether they come or not, that the university president cares, is willing to sit down and talk,” Frank said. “This isn’t just an office in the admin building. This is somebody who cares about the students at CSU.”

It’s a sentiment that was put to the test as the university president was peppered with questions ranging from why student veterans don’t receive college credit after serving tours of duty overseas, to what the administration is doing to bolster attendance at CSU athletic games.

“I love the Rams. It’s my senior year, so I went out to Las Vegas to watch them in the (NCAA) conference tournament,” said Tim Brogdon, director of student services of the Associated Students of CSU. “There was minimal to no student turnout … is there any way you can put a little lean on the athletic department to be a little more student oriented?”

“Absolutely,” Frank said. “ … If your student fees are going toward it … it ought to have a strong student orientation. It’s a great suggestion.”

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What did the students say?

-Parking services shouldn’t ticket people during spring break.
-Student veterans who serve tours of duty overseas deserve college study abroad credit.
-The proposed on-campus stadium shouldn’t go forward.
-The administration should pressure the athletics department to be more student oriented.
-Is the university’s outreach to international students motivated by money or a desire for a more diverse campus?
-Some students at CSU don’t feel appreciated by the university.
-The way CSU President Tony Frank interacted with people at Ram Welcome is admirable.

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