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Mar 072012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

It’s almost student government election season, and that means a brand new crop of driven students will have the chance to campaign for a year of glory.

Call us crazy, but this year, we hope it’ll be different.

After all, past Associated Students of CSU elections have been characterized by childish bickering, campaign promises that are forgotten by the start of the school year (seriously… check out the tenure of 2010/11 president Cooper Anderson) and apathy from the part of the student population not involved in ASCSU or the Collegian (a.k.a pretty much everyone).

And unfortunately, that’s the reason why we’re stuck with presidents and senators who approve student fee increases for services that most of us don’t even know exist, and that’s the reason why our student senate hasn’t really done too much this year.

It sucks, but it also begs the question: What can we do about it?

Well, for those of you who really want to make a difference, and forgo your social life, the last chance to get your name on the ballot for ASCSU president or vice president is Friday. If you want the chance really make a difference, and control some serious student fee money, this is the position to do it.

If that’s a little too much for you, ASCSU senate positions rarely have any competition and provide an opportunity to get your voice heard without a huge time commitment.

At the very least, vote in this next election. Last year, 22.8 percent of the student population voted –– an increase over the year before. That doesn’t make a great case for our current and past officials representing a huge proportion of the student population.

It’s your student government, CSU. This year, let’s actually fill it with students who represent us.

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