Mar 072012
Authors: Logan Martinez

After going out and celebrating all that return money in the mail with a new pricey tablet, the money it takes to cover it can seem just as high. There is a quick and easy solution to the cover problem: making the cover from an old book or notebook.

Ever noticed how an iPad is the exact same dimensions as a composition notebook? It would conceal the iPad perfectly – the problem? It is the exact same size. Luckily, Norcom, a composition notebook manufacturer that sells their products in large chain stores like Wal-Mart, makes a composition book that has a hard cover with margins roughly five millimeters larger around the pages than the typical notebook.

This is the perfect notebook to conceal an iPad. Other tablet covers vary, but this concept works for any tablet or e-reader, with the proper finding of a book that has dimensions similar, but slightly larger than, any tablet.

Now, here is how to take a notebook, some spare plastic and a hot glue gun and making a case for under $5.


-One Norcom Hard Cover Composition Notebook for an iPad (from Wal-Mart, $1.97) or for other tablets, any book that matches the dimensions of the tablet
-One plastic lid from a square package with rounded edges, or the plastic out of the tablet case.
-X-Acto knife
-Hot glue gun
-Elastic hair bands (elastic from Wal-Mart craft department is around $1 to $2 varying on length)
-Magazine clippings
-School glue

1. Take the composition book, flip to the center page where the seam is exposed and take the razor blade and cut the seam until the pages will pull out easily. Trim the threads out of the hard cover after removing the pages.

2. Tear out the information paper that lines the hardcover, so the cardboard inside is exposed.

3. After removing the information liner, take school glue and cover the cardboard on either side with it. Place your magazine clippings over the glue to where it is nice and smooth and looks nice. Press the notebook for about 10 minutes under some heavy textbooks while the glue dries, so the cardboard doesn’t warp.

4. While the glue is drying, take the plastic lid and trim out the center, leaving about an inch of plastic to adhere to the cardboard of the book, scissors or will work for this. The spine of the book will cover the left edge, so only measure out the top and bottom corners on the right and the edges on the right, top and bottom.

5. Trim the plastic where necessary to fit around the tablet closely. If the edge is taller than the top of the tablet, trim it to where it is the same height. Cut out notches where the headphone plug-in and buttons are located.

6. After the glue dries, take the hot glue gun and the plastic that form fits around the tablet and glue it into the cover where it fits the tablet in comfortably and the cover closes over it.

7. Wait about two minutes for the hot glue to dry and place the tablet into the case. Now, take the elastic and form it around the right top and bottom corners and hot glue them to the back of the cover where they are stretched tight enough to hold the tablet in the case.

Now the case is finished! It even conceals the tablet so if left out on the table while getting coffee at a coffee shop, it is not easily recognizable.

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