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Authors: Jason Pohl

Friday is the last day to submit election packets for anyone planning a run at office for the 2012/2013 Associated Students of CSU term.

Packets for the 36 available senator positions, as well as president and vice president packets, must be submitted to the ASCSU office in the Lory Student Center by 4 p.m. Friday. Candidates must also attend one of several orientation meetings being held throughout the week, with presidential tickets attending a budget meeting with the current administration.

As of Wednesday, no presidential campaigns had been submitted. But, according to ASCSU’s elections manager Andrew Ives, that’s not too out of the ordinary.

“This is pretty normal,” he said. “I think people enjoy to procrastinate. We’ll know what the election season will look like right before spring break.”

The official candidate list will be announced Friday at 5 p.m. From there, anyone running will have one week to prepare for the 17-day campaign, which begins Monday morning immediately following spring break.

Voting will open on RAMweb April 2 for three days, and the new leaders of ASCSU will be announced April 4 at 8 p.m.

“For me, it’s really the future of student representation on CSU’s campus,” Ives said. “I think with students actively participating, they have a pretty good opportunity to choose where that money goes and how that money is spent.”

Current ASCSU President Eric Berlinberg echoed these thoughts and explained how, when he was running last year, it was tough and even “a little redundant” at times, but it all ended up being worth it.

His message to the new candidates was simple, and hinged on being open and honest through the campaign –– and beyond.

“It’s so important to remain consistent,” he said. “If you promise you’re going to be open and transparent, be open and transparent.”

He added that the stress and long hours are ultimately worth it to to see students get engaged in the decision-making process. Beyond that, being a part of the larger CSU system and actually having a say over a multi-million-dollar budget made everything worth it.

“I think the shared governance is the biggest thing,” he said, stressing the importance of giving students a powerful voice in almost all decisions being made on campus, from the basic programs to the over-arching direction of the university.

“I think that’s the most important thing,” he said.

Candidate packets are available in the ASCSU office in the LSC. Any additional questions can be sent to Ives at

Senior Reporter Jason Pohl can be reached at


President and Vice President candidates must:
Have 60 completed credits
Have a minimum GPA of 2.25
Run together

Senator candidates must:
Be open to any class standing
Have a minimum GPA of 2.0
Represent college/designated major

For more information, go to the ASCSU office in the LSC or email

Key 2012 ASCSU Election Dates
March 9: Packets due, candidates announced
March 19: Campaign begins
April 2: Voting begins on Ramweb
April 4: Voting closes, winner announced at 8 p.m.

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