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Authors: Elisabeth Willner

Except for the construction noise coming from the Lory Student Center theatre, renovations have so far been quiet for the many service offices that call CSU’s central building home.

In a little more than year they’ll be in the midst of it.

All of the offices in the building –– from Campus Activities to ASCSU to El Centro –– will move to temporary locations beginning in May 2013, while construction refurbishes or restructures their offices.

Michael Ellis, the assistant vice president for Student Affairs and executive director of the LSC, said that about 45,000 square feet will be moved in total. Even for CSU, that’s a lot of shuffling, Ellis said.

“I’m not sure we’ve seen anything of this magnitude on campus, and we’re trying to be very thoughtful and comprehensive in how we approach this,” he said in an email to the Collegian.

The locations of the temporary offices have not yet been determined, according to Ellis, but he hopes to have a relocation plan together by mid-April.

In the meantime, the offices have met to discuss their needs for temporary space. Considerations for locations include the visibility and proximity of offices to other services on campus, Ellis said.

For Ciana Gurule, a sophomore criminology major who works at El Centro, this temporary relocation may make it difficult for students to find certain offices.

Gurule thought that this probably wouldn’t be a big issue, however, since when students want to use El Centro services, they seek the office out. About 30 to 60 students use El Centro on an average day.

“All the students that come in here will find a way to make it work,” Gurule said.

One aspect of the move that did concern Gurule was the combining of Student Diversity Programs and Services. Not all of the diversity offices are currently located in the LSC, but five of them are.

In the new plans, they will be grouped together in one central location near the main entrance of the building.

Gurule said she wasn’t sure about the change.

“I think the move will be good as long as we have our own space still,” Gurule said. “All the offices are together [on the current renovation plan]. It’s better spread out.”

After the renovations are complete, the Associated Students of CSU, the Student Organization suite and the SLiCE office will remain in their current locations, although they will be refurbished. Student Diversity Programs and Services, Campus Activities, Student Programming, and the student media offices will all move to new locations.

Wesley Gallegos, a junior Spanish major who works at SLiCE, said that he thinks the renovations are an exciting opportunity even though he will graduate before they’re completed.

“It will definitely be noisy and very hectic,” Gallegos said. “But it will be something we’ll have to endure.”

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Relocation Timeline
January – Master plan renovations begin
April – Relocation plan is finalized
May – Offices move to temporary locations outside the LSC
August – Offices move back into the LSC

Offices that will relocate:
Associated Students of Colorado State University
Student Leadership Involvement and Engagement
Native American Cultural Center
Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center
Black/African American Cultural Center
Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center
El Centro
Greek Life
Off Campus Life
Campus Activities
Student Programming
Student Media

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