Mar 052012
Authors: Taylor Pettaway

Junior journalism major Erin Browne has always wanted to write a song with a band. Freshman apparel merchandising major Braden Washburn has always wanted to use fashion design to help the needy. Now, thanks to MTV’s “The Buried Life,” which is making a stop at CSU Tuesday, these students might get the chance to fulfill these dreams before they graduate.

The show is traveling to universities across the country asking students: What do you want to do before you graduate? One student from each school is chosen to do what they’ve always wanted to do, and at 6 p.m. in the Lory Student Center Main Ballroom, the show is holding a surprise event.

“It is going to be a total surprise, complete with pyrotechnics, 10,000 lights and a Bengal tiger,” said “Buried Life” cast member Ben Nemtin. “There will also be stories no one’s heard before. We tell how it was an idea in a garage to today. We love interacting with our fans and sharing what we want to do before we die and what they want to do before they die.”

“The Buried Life” is a show about four friends trying to cross things off their bucket list while helping strangers achieve their dreams.

The event is a part of the Verizon Wireless “What do you want to do before you graduate” contest. At the beginning of the year, students sent in photos with captions explaining what they wanted to do before they graduated.

CSU student’s wishes ranged from saving the coral reefs to meeting fashion designer, Betsey Johnson.

“I couldn’t come up with anything and it was one of my good friends that reminded me of something that I had been talking about since I was 15; to write a song with The Maine,” said Browne, one of the CSU contestants and KSCSU’s promotions director. “It seemed like the perfect thing to ask for; I would get to fulfill a dream I have had for years now. This would be a challenge for me as a songwriter and a chance to collaborate with a band I really enjoy.”

Other CSU contestants, like Washburn, wanted to use skills in their major to make a difference in the community.

“Before I graduate, I wanted to supply clothes to the needy in our country or our countries while incorporating my art and design because I am a fashion design major,” Washburn said. “I chose it because if an opportunity comes around like that, it’d be stupid not to use it for something that can ‘change’ the world or make some sort of difference.”

Though having the cast come to campus is part of the “What do you want to do before you graduate” contest, the Associated Students of CSU was involved in getting “The Buried Life” to come to CSU.

“The process originally started in January with a student who emailed us about trying to get the Buried Life to come because they wanted to see the cast,” said ASCSU Director of Student Services Tim Brogdon, adding that the student government then contacted “The Buried Life” about coming to CSU.

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