Mar 052012
Authors: Sarah Fenton

The Student Fee Review Board moved one step closer to rolling out the student fees budget for fiscal year 2013 on Monday night.

While there are 16 fee-funded areas, SFRB spent time on three in their most recent weekly meeting.

Most of the areas are only in the preliminary stages, and they will eventually be passed on to the long bill and will go before the Associated Students of CSU, CSU administration and eventually the CSU Board of Governors.

But before they can reach that point, each fee area must go before SFRB. And on Monday, Campus Recreation took that step and presented their case for a $2.95 fee increase.

The increase would raise the current Campus Recreation student fee by 2.55 percent, taking the current fee from $115.58 to $118.53 and would go to paying for a mandated 3 percent salary increase for CSU personnel as well as three different student initiatives.

While $1.70 would go to the mandatory salary increase, the remaining $1.25 would go for additional staffing to maintain current operations.

SFRB will be taking the next week to gauge students reaction to the fee increase, however, for many board members, the presentation had a great impact on their reaction to the proposal.

“You can see they did what they could to only ask for what they needed and I think that shows extreme dedication to the student body,” Wendy Bowling, who serves as the vice chair of the board, said.

ASCSU Senator Andy Shank, who attended the meeting to “keep an eye on the process,” said he supported the fee increase.

“At this point I am not looking for any fee area to decrease its services, they are adding staff but it seems like they are offering the same services and it seems like a lot of students use the Rec Center,” Shank said. “That falls pretty squarely in line with what I am looking for.”

In addition to hearing the Campus Recreation proposal, SFRB approved the Career Center’s fee increase on Monday night, bringing the full student fee from $27 to $27.77.

Although there were other options that could be cheaper for students, after looking at long term budget projections for the Career Center, SFRB passed the increase 10 to three.

“What I have been hearing is that students have felt that the increases — even the mandatory 3 percent increase – will be rough on their pocket books,” Bowling said.

This is why Bowling said she voted “no” on the Career Center increase, with the fact that there were other options ultimately persuading her.

SFRB Chair Rachel Roberson said that while the board looked at asking the Career Center to absorb the cost of the 3 percent increase, in the long run they decided doing so would leave their funds below what was “fiscally responsible.”

Once the long bill is put together, SFRB will again take a look at the fee areas before passing it on to ASCSU, the administration and the BOG. Until then board members will continue gauging student responses on the different fee areas.

During the March 19 meeting, SFRB will vote on the Adult Learner and Veteran Services $5.02 increase and will take another look at the Campus Recreation proposal.

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What happened at this week’s SFRB meeting?
-Campus Recreation requested a $2.95 fee increase
-The Campus Recreation fee is is the second most utilized fee area by students
-4,000 students use the Recreation Center per day
-The Recreation Center’s current fee is $115.58
-This fee would fund additional student staffing and additional facility expenses and new regulations for athletic trainers

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