Mar 052012
Authors: Bayley Enright and Emily Kribs

Bayley Enright:

Spring break, ladies and gentleman. It’s practically here. Are you pumped? Have any brilliant plans? Yeah… me neither. But I’ve been thinking, planning, plotting. Spring break is a chance to to get out, to escape the drudgery of classes (though not necessarily the homework).

It’s a chance to travel! Yes, travel! I know, for those of us whose ideal day is spent with a book or a television show for long hours on end, a spring break spent travelling is not the ideal vacation. But that depends on where you’re travelling to. So I’ve compiled a little list for you all of some of the hottest nerd vacation spots for your spring break.

1) Pixar Studios. Heck yes, people. Lots of people are flocking to California for vacation. It’s a place of tanning and bikini-surfing. Not your scene? Yeah, mine neither. But the Golden Coast is also the home of Pixar, the residence of geniuses. So what if they say they’re a closed studio? Is that gonna hold you back?

2) Skywalker Ranch. If you’re already in California (and if you’ve already proven your complete disregard for privacy), why not visit this Star Wars haven? You know you want to. It’s every fanboy and fangirl’s dream.

3) The Magical World of Harry Potter. Maybe you’re not headed west for spring break. That’s okay, Florida’s good too. And not just for the cruises and beaches, of course. Harry Potter World! What could be better than spending your spring break surrounded by people who are completely accepting of the fact that you’re wearing a heavy black robe in 70-degree weather? As a matter of fact, they’re probably all wearing one too.

4) The Kennedy Space Center. Oooh yes. We’re talking hardcore geek paradise here. Rockets. Spaceships. Computers. An opportunity to expand your NASA merchandise collection. Sounds like the perfect Florida vacation.

5) The Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Let’s face it, some of us won’t be travelling cross-country for spring break, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hit the road. Why not visit the Nature and Science Museum? Like, every day of break. Maybe you can camp outside and turn it into a camping trip, or maybe you can hide out in the gift shop. Or maybe I should stop encouraging all my readers to participate in illegal activity over break. Seriously though: mummies, dinosaurs, the planetarium…the museum is awesome.

Emily Kribs:

But maybe you’re strapped for cash, or you can’t get a week off work, or travelling just isn’t your bag. And that’s fine! At least, I hope it is. Anyway, there are plenty of things to do in town that’ll make your spring break fun and enjoyable.

Play a new game from start to finish

The school year is busy, and even if you’ve finished all your homework (or just decided not to do it), there’s almost always something you could be doing that stops you from busting out (insert game of choice here). Plus, if you’re anything like I am, maybe you left your consoles at home.

To name some examples, Final Fantasy XIII-2 came out in January (because 13 wasn’t enough), Mass Effect 3 came out today, as did Major League Baseball 2k12 (how a video game format will make baseball more interesting is anyone’s guess), and Mario Party 9 comes out the 11th. In other words, this is a spring break for sequels. Or there’s always that game you never got around to — in my case, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Movie Marathon

Again, the school year can be a little busy, and depending on your time management abilities, it can be hard to fit in one movie, let alone a trilogy. But spring break is a perfect opportunity to watch all the “Lord of the Rings” movies back-to-back-to-back, or finishing “The Godfather.” Three hours down, six to go.

Or, of course, there’s always new stuff in theaters. Unfortunately, “Hunger Games” won’t be out until the week after spring break. Looks like you’ll have to schedule accordingly if you want to get invested in what starts as a decent sci-fi thriller before devolving into a frustrating and insipid love triangle that just shouldn’t exist.

Chill out with friends

This, of course, isn’t a radical concept unique to those of Nerdic heritage. (Like Nordic? Get it?) It’s just something most people do, whether you’re playing Frisbee golf with your buddies, or texting your pals to make sure they’re sufficiently jealous of you and your Mexican getaway.

Or hey, maybe you and your friends can play video games or watch movies. I don’t think anything on this list has to be a solitary pursuit. If you can call it a list, I mean. There’s tons to do over spring break, and I’m already out of…

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