Mar 012012
Authors: Kevin Lytle

Football coach Jim McElwain has a message to the CSU student population: We need you on the field.

And he means it literally. The newest Rams coach is looking for a handful of walk-ons to help add depth to CSU’s offensive and defensive lines.

“Right now our numbers in our big guys are such it doesn’t allow you to practice the way you need to practice,” McElwain said on Thursday.

Because of that McElwain is looking for all big men on campus to come to a meeting on Monday at the McGraw Athletic Center.

Currently CSU’s roster lists 15 defensive lineman and 16 offensive lineman, but McElwain and offensive line coach Derek Frazier said they would like somewhere between 18-20 players on each unit.

“We need it quite simply so we can run two, three and four spots in drills during practice so that we’re efficient in what we’re doing, using our time successfully and wisely and able to get the proper amount of reps that we need to perform at a championship level,” McElwain said.

There is no guarantee that students that come to the meeting at 5 p.m. Monday will be a part of the team that opens spring practice on March 21.

But McElwain says if he didn’t think that they could possibly find someone that could help, they wouldn’t hold the meeting. Any students that make the team will likely be used as depth players to fill out practice numbers, but the CSU coaches hope to find a diamond in the rough.

“You never know,” Frazier said. “There’s the chance that you can find a guy that can come out of the woodwork and go ‘where the heck have you been?’ There’s stranger things that have happened.”

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What: Meeting for CSU students interested in walking on to the CSU football team
When: Monday, 5 p.m.
Where: Adolph Coors Auditorium in the McGraw Athletic Center
Those interested must bring student ID

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