Mar 012012
Authors: Emily Kribs

Students attending college in a landlocked state aren’t frequently met with the opportunity to go scuba diving.

But this Saturday and on April 7, ASAP is hosting an event called “Swimming with the Fishes at the Denver Downtown Aquarium.”

“Colorado is not usually a choice spot for diving and snorkeling,” according to ASAP’s website, “but who wouldn’t want to go diving in the giant tanks at the Denver Downtown Aquarium?”

The event costs $60, which includes transportation to and from CSU, lunch at the aquarium cafe, a diving training session and an aquarium exhibit pass.

The trip Saturday is full, but more information about the April 7 trip can be found at

“It’s purely for fun. It’s not something ordinarily done in Colorado, since we are a landlocked state,” said Special Event Coordinator Sydney Jackson-Clockston. “This is an opportunity that doesn’t come up very often.”

Participants must fill out several waivers for both CSU and A-1 Scuba, said Special Event Coordinator Heather Jones.

On the topic of limitations for people with disabilities, Jackson-Clockston said, “That issue hasn’t occurred for us.”

“(A-1 Scuba’s) main focus is health restrictions, like heart problems or other limitations affected by pressure,” explained Jones. “We wanted (to host) something anybody can do. Basically, if you can swim, you can do this.”

“If there are any concerns, students can come into the ASAP office,or call us at any time,” said Jackson-Clockston.

The event has been popular with the student body. Tickets were sold out for Saturday’s trip by Jan. 27.

“We sold out within a week,” claimed Jackson-Clockston.

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What: Scuba diving trip at the Denver Downtown Aquarium
When: Saturday March and April 7
Where: Denver Downtown Aquarium
Cost: $60
ASAP can be reached at 970-491-2727 or

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