Feb 292012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

Your Student Fee Review Board thinks you’re made of money.

Last week, SFRB approved a $1.54 fee increase for Off-Campus Life. This week SFRB is seeking student input on a proposed $5.89 fee for the Adult Learners and Veteran Services for the 2013 fiscal year.

Your $1.54 will go to Off-Campus Life to fund the vastly underused party registration program, to split one person’s job into two positions and to help with the mandatory 3 percent salary increase.

The $5.89 proposed fee for ALVS will go toward funding new staff members including 15 student hourly positions and two graduate assistants.

What’s difficult to understand is why the entire student body needs to fork out such a hefty fee for the small percentage of adult learners and veterans on campus? More so, the office is usually sustained by grant money, which ran out, but the office has not yet applied for additional grants.

So who gets to pick up that cost? We do.

So far only a handful of student organizations have submitted budgets to SFRB and already we could be paying $7.43 extra in student fees.

It’s time to put a stop to these needless increases to our student fees. In times of such sickening rises to tuition, it is utterly shameful that SFRB would throw our money at every organization that gives them a sob story.

You have a voice CSU, and SFRB does base its decisions off of student input. So please talk to your student government and tell them to be thrifty in times like these, not wasteful.

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