Feb 282012
Authors: Kyla Cullinane

What would you think if you read the words: “the artists will not bring finished works to Fort Collins; instead they will arrive with notes, sketches, pieces, parts and their curiosity?”

Confusion and skepticism are words that come to mind. This statement comes from the event information on the Colorado State University event calendar describing the Telegraph Art Exhibition that began Feb. 16, and will remain in the Clara Hatton Gallery in the Visual Arts building until March 23.

The Telegraph Art Collective is a group of seven artists that travel the world showcasing their original works. The members include, Hartmut Austen, Haley Bates, Fabio Fernandez, Shannon Goff, Tom Lauerman, Brent Sommerhauser and Christian Tedeschi. The artists have exhibited in Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Dallas, Kansas City and Berlin.

Starting in 2002, Haley Bates and Fabio Fernandez began working together in Finland on a graduate program project. From their collaboration and those of other artists, they founded the Collective on the idea of creating art from the materials on site and working with the gallery space. By 2004, they had their first exhibition in The Stray Show in Chicago.

When they go to a new city, the Telegraph Art Collective explores the gallery space and then scours the area for materials they could make into works of art. In this way, the artists cater to the area and its history. Here at CSU, the Collective implemented cardboard, paint, duct tape, shingles, tiles and more to construct their artworks. Fabio Fernandez’s, one of the Collective’s members, utilized clementine crates, a material he favors.

The Telegraph Art Collective came to CSU one week before the exhibit opened to study the Clara Hatton Gallery and figure out what types of art they were going to create. Even though the members of the close-knit group are scattered across the country, they still have the time and ability to travel the world showcasing their original work.

Be sure to stop by the Clara Hatton Gallery sometime between now and March 23. Confusion and skepticism do not come close to the feelings surrounding this group. Better adjectives would be resourceful and innovative.

For more information surrounding the group and their work visit their website at telegraphart.com

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