Feb 232012
Authors: Jason Berlinberg

1. “Drive”- The biggest Oscar snub of them all starring a polarizing Ryan Gosling as a stunt driver by day, getaway driver by night. Hyper-stylized and deep, this is the coolest and smartest action film you’ll see nowadays. (DVD)

2. “Tree of Life”- More of a life-altering visual experience than a film, it boasts a stunning visual and musical style. If there was one film to remember in 2011, this would be it. (DVD)

3. “Beginners”- Christopher Plummer has an incredible Oscar-nominated performance as an elderly man who proclaims he is gay to his son (Ewan MacGregor). (DVD)

4. “Rango”- The funniest movie I saw all last year has a striking brand of animation and all-star voice acting. It’s nominated for best animated film. (DVD)

5. “The Artist”- By all accounts, the favorite to clean up the Oscars Sunday night. Whether its silent, black-and-white characteristics will remain more than a gimmick in a year or so is another question. (Lyric Cinema)

And of course, be sure to watch the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

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