Feb 232012
Authors: Elizabeth Drolet

Imagine waking up in a state of frenzy; your whereabouts unknown, frightened by the array of tubes coming in and out of your body. You try to move your right hand but there is no response. You try to speak and nothing comes out.

In high school, Ryan Bowman went to state for wrestling, played football and baseball; maintained a 4.0 and was student body president. These achievements would be impressive by themselves. However, what truly sets Bowman apart is that he accomplished all this after having a stroke at the tender age of 17.

It was Valentines 2008; Bowman was in Gym Class when he began to feel his fingers go numb. This was soon followed by a rush of dizziness, so strong it would knock him off the gym class bench.

When asked what was wrong by the Gym teacher, Ryan said he could only answer in “noise.”

CTV reporter Elizabeth Drolet captures the story of one man’s amazing tale of re-teaching himself to walk and talk. Bowman’s is a story that is a true testament to the human spirit.

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