Feb 222012
Authors: Hannah Woolums

Going to school in Colorado, skiing is for some a major part of many students’ choice to either come to or stay in Colorado for school. Senior Jamie Roberts, an art major with a concentration in Graphic Design, is also a member of the CSU ski team.

Roberts has been skiing since she was very young.

“I have been skiing since I was 3 and racing since I was about 8 years old,” Roberts said. “I grew up skiing in Vail and Beaver Creek, Colo.”

When deciding where to go to college, her final choice was between University of Wyoming and Colorado State University.

It was here or the University of Wyoming. I went to UWY for first semester, then came here because Colorado is the best” Roberts said.

As a long time runner in the skiing society, Roberts’ inspiration to start this sport was because of her father. During her years of skiing she was able to see professional skiers around where she practiced, which gave her the inspiration to get better.

“My dad [Jim Roberts] got me started. He grew up skiing and racing in New Hampshire and moved to Vail to work on the race crew in the early 70’s. Also growing up around a ski resort got me started. The opportunity to race was there, the mountain and ski club (Ski and Snowboard Club Vail… who I grew up racing for) was close which made it easier and there were professional skiers all around (Lindsey Vonn, Chad Fleischer, etc.) to inspire me,” Roberts said.

Over the last three years the CSU ski team has been a welcoming part of Roberts’ life. Between traveling and the opportunity to meet new people she has enjoyed the experiences she has had.

“The best part about being on the team is being able to represent CSU all around the state and nation while meeting a huge variety of people who share the best interest in the world with me: skiing,” Roberts said. “Meeting and hearing stories from athletes who grew up racing in other states has also been intriguing to me.”

The CSU Ski Team is comprised of people from Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, Maine and even the Netherlands.

“It’s very exciting to travel with such a broad group of teammates and explore many major ski resorts all around Colorado, as well as other states such as Utah and Idaho,” Roberts said.

Jamie has also been a great asset to the team, according to freshman Brenna Warren. As a first year member of the CSU Ski Team, she has liked having such a dedicated teammate to look up to.

“She is a great skier…and she has led our team to a second place position in the Rocky Mountain conference, and that means that we get to cheer on our team at regionals,” Warren said. “Also, she has a great attitude towards skiing and loves what she does.”

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