Feb 202012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

After a weeklong investigation by the Student Fee Review Board, members decided to pass the student fee increase that would give 41 percent more support to Off-Campus Life and its programs.

Well, we guess they didn’t read Monday’s Our View.

Since being passed by SFRB, the fee will eventually end up in front of the Associated Students of CSU Senate, where the fate of this $1.54 fee will hang in the balance.

While part of this increase would go to the mandatory 3 percent salary increase given to CSU faculty, the rest would be allotted to paying a new program coordinator and funding the party registration year round –– two things we think are unnecessary and not in the student body’s best interest.

Records show that over the past four years, party registration has only been used 1,000 times. And, while we think this shows how frivolous most of this fee would be, we also know it will take a lot more than just numbers on a page to get SFRB and ASCSU’s attention.

That’s why we think it’s important for you, CSU students, to take action and speak out against unwarranted fee increases that will only benefit less than 1 percent of you each year.

We understand that $1.54 probably costs less than a cup of coffee, but fighting for your voice would lead to a much bigger payoff. It would send a message to our student government that every fee increase, no matter how miniscule, matters.

Stand up for yourselves, CSU. And let our student government leaders know that every penny counts nowadays. Let them know what your real priorities are.

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