Feb 192012
Authors: Emily Smith

“Horses in war: a history.” “Fiber optic cables for laser ignition applications.” “Girl in black dress.” Though they may seem unrelated, these are all titles of works featured in the Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence (JUR) created and published at CSU.

JUR is a student journal that features the research work of undergrads only. It was established by a faculty advisory board, but is operated by undergrad students.

“We really wanted to create a publication for all undergraduate students,” said Jessica Egner, senior chemistry major and Editor in Chief of JUR. “We accept any original work of a high quality.”

The journal includes medical research, photography, fiction and non-fiction literature, drawings, editorials and other forms of undergrad research. All undergrad students are invited to submit their work, which is then reviewed and selected for publication by JUR staff.

“The publication is unique because it’s peer-reviewed, registered by the Library of Congress and run for and by undergrads,” Egner said.

JUR is also unique because it accepts international submissions.

“As far as we can tell, it’s the only publication like that,” Egner said.

The most recent spring 2011 issue of JUR includes submissions from CSU, University of Colorado, Institute of American Indian Arts and two universities in Chile.

In previous issues, Egner said, they have also included submissions from Australia, the U.K., Canada, India and universities across the U.S.

Egner was approached by Mark Brown, current faculty advisor for JUR, to start up the publication in the fall of 2009.

“I built myself an editorial board and operations team,” Egner said. “I got a couple of friends, who I knew would be good for it, and students in my teachers’ classes.”

When JUR was established, Egner, Brown and their team also created a publishing press at CSU called JUR Press. At press time, JUR was the only work published by JUR Press, but Egner is currently looking at publishing a book by a student on campus.

Since its creation, Egner said the journal has become “more sophisticated and more recognized.”

When she graduates in May, Egner is passing the journal off to Pasha Lookian.

“I decided to accept the responsibility of Editor in Chief beginning in fall 2012 because of the invaluable experience I would get working with a scholarly journal that has international readership,” Lookian said.

In the future, Lookian hopes JUR will “become the foremost journal for undergraduate research in the world.”

Lookian does not wish to change much about JUR when he takes over, but will focus heavily on expansion.

“We plan on expanding our journal within the coming years to include many more universities internationally, as well as further establishing our already impressive reputation as a credible medium for undergraduates to share their work with the world,” Lookian said.

Students also approve of what JUR is doing.

“I think it is very interesting,” said sophomore business major Rachel Nenni. “It gives everyone the opportunity to see different sorts of research, depending on what may interest you and what you may want to hear about.”

Collegian writer Emily Smith can be reached at news@collegian.com.

Fast Facts
JUR was created in fall of 2009
-It accepts local, statewide, national and international submissions
-Sections: health sciences, engineering, art, social sciences, literature, etc.

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