Feb 192012
Authors: Erik Carman

CSU is looking to increase its student diversity next semester as the university prepares to enroll hundreds of foreign students.

As part of a new collaboration with INTO, a private company that specializes in recruiting international students, CSU aims to attract some 350 foreign students in the fall 2012 semester, said CSU Spokesman Kyle Henley.

Henley said that INTO receives a percentage of the tuition revenues generated by international students.

“It’s an exciting opportunity because it allows CSU to expand our global reach,” Henley said.
Henley added that CSU’s foreign student population last year was 1,133 — about 3 percent of the overall student population. The new initiative seeks to increase international enrollment by 1,000 students in the next five years.

According to CSU President Tony Frank, this initiative is in congruence with CSU’s tradition.
“CSU has a long-standing tradition of attracting international students to its world-class academic and research programs, and I’m very excited about the opportunity to expand that through our new relationship with INTO,” said Frank in a news release.

INTO, which has helped recruit students for several schools such as Oregon State, holds 23 offices worldwide and employs more than 600 educational counselors in 75 different countries, said CSU’s Provost and Executive Vice President Rick Miranda.

“INTO will help us recruit international students,” Miranda said. “They’re very good at that.”
Miranda added that CSU will be implementing a “pathways program” for students coming in who are not yet fluent English speakers.

“This involves setting up living-learning communities in residence halls,” Miranda said. He added that this would ensure foreign students have the help they needed to succeed.

However, increasing student diversity is not the only benefit of recruiting international students, Henley added.

“As we look at declining funding at the state level, it’s another opportunity to modestly create other revenues.” Henley said.

For every 100 foreign students, CSU generates roughly $2 million. This would mean university revenues of more than $20 million for 1,000 new foreign students.

And according to Miranda, those are funds that could be used to benefit everyone at CSU.

“This will not only benefit international students, but will benefit all of our students,” Miranda said.

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CSU is collaborating with INTO to recruit more international students
-They are looking to recruit 350 foreign students for the upcoming fall semester – Plans entail nearly doubling international enrolment in the next five years
CSU generates roughly $2 million for every 100 foreign students

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