Feb 192012
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On Monday at 4 p.m., the Student Fee Review Board will vote on a proposed $1.54 fee increase set to support the Off-Campus Life (OCL) office, with 21 cents of that increase specifically set to support the party registration program.

While party registration is supposed to give students a warning call, rather than a police breakup, when a registered party gets out of hand, some students feel that it just isn’t worth the money.

“I just feel like it (party registration) has a lot of flaws and it’s not efficient enough,” said junior health and exercise science major Dylan Griggs, who has used the program.

Four hundred and twenty nine out of the 26,302 undergraduate students on campus have registered parties so far this year, and the program has registered 1096 parties since its pilot year in 2009.

This year, it was extended to run year-round, and given a $10,000 budget.

The program will continue next year, and while it was given a grant from the Associated Students of CSU this year, OCL has submitted a budget proposal to SFRB that would raise its student fee up 41 percent from $3.72 to $5.26 to continue to support the program, among other things, over the next fiscal year.

In addition to the party registration program, the fee increase will also support additional staffing and the mandatory 3 percent salary increase for CSU employees.

Despite the low number of users that the party registration program has, Jean Ortega, the director of OCL, believes the program has a lot to offer CSU.

“Like any new program on campus, it takes time for knowledge of its existence to
spread to the broader student population,” Ortega said.

The program’s total cost will be offset by internal and external revenue generated by OCL. However, according to ASCSU President Eric Berlinberg, increasing student fees is not the only option for paying for the program.

During his campaign, Berlinberg said he was opposed to increasing student fees.
SFRB will be meeting Monday at 4 p.m. in Lory Student Center Room 203.

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