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Authors: Kate Simmons

In a charity event hosted by Zeta Tau Alpha Monday, students were not only able to get a kiss just in time for Valentine’s Day, but they also got to help raise funds to benefit breast cancer awareness.

The sorority’s philanthropy event, Kiss Away Cancer, offered students a kiss on the cheek from a sorority member or two Hershey’s kisses for one dollar.

The event raised a total of $535 for the Zeta Tau Alpha foundation, which provides breast cancer awareness and education. The women also handed out ribbons and leaflets with information about breast cancer and how to give yourself a breast exam.

Other Zeta Tau Alpha chapters around the country have had success with Kiss Away Cancer and Sara Crews, the CSU chapter president, said they were inspired to try it.

“We were just trying something new and we’re so excited that it took off as well as it did in our Greek community and the Colorado State community,” Crews said.

The top three donations that helped Zeta Tau Alpha surpass their $500 goal were made by fraternities Sigma Chi, with $139; Pi Kappa Phi with $74 and Tau Kappa Epsilon with $39.

“Everything we donate, we know is going to a good cause and the charities really do appreciate our donations,” said Josh Maynard, the president of Sigma Chi.

“For us it’s just positive to give back to the other Greek communities and their philanthropy events,” Maynard added. “Ours (Sigma Chi’s) is cancer research and theirs is breast cancer (awareness) so we really wanted to come out and support ZTA’s event.”

Of the money raised, $60 came from non-Greek donations.

“We really appreciate the support we get outside the Greek community and the Greek community as well,” said Casey Gillespie the director of Philanthropy for Zeta Tau Alpha. “The turnout we had today proves that breast cancer really does affect everyone’s lives, and the goal of our philanthropy is to reach everyone affected.”

At the end of April, Zeta Tau Alpha will hold their annual kickball tournament that’s open to the public.

The cost has not been established yet, but the event will charge per person and give out t-shirts to everyone involved.

Other campus events include Think Pink Week in the fall, a yogurt-eating contest, dessert party and ribbon remembrance days.

Collegian writer Kate Simmons can be reached at news@collegian.com.

The final numbers
1. Sigma Chi – Donated $139
2. Pi Kappa Phi – Donated $74
3. Tau Kappa Epsilon – Donated $39

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