Feb 132012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

In the article ““CSU sorority suspended for hazing”:http://www.collegian.com/index.php/article/2012/02/colorado_state039s_kappa_kappa_gamma_sorority_suspended_for_hazing” on the front page of today’s Collegian, it has been revealed that members of CSU’s chapter of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority participated in an “alcohol-related hazing incident.”

While we know this incident doesn’t represent the majority of Greek life at CSU, and the Greeks aren’t the only organizations guilty of hazing exercises, we still can’t help but ask, “Aren’t we too old for this?”

Hazing, in any capacity, is never acceptable.

Greek life, and especially Greek life at CSU, has worked extensively to reverse the stereotype that movies like “Animal House” have placed upon them. And with their use of philanthropy, for the most part, they have. But unfortunately, incidents like Kappa Kappa Gamma’s –– no matter how isolated –– will require some damage control.

Because anytime a negative stereotype is actualized, people tend to assume the worst of the entire organization, no matter who was involved.

The sorority has been banned from recruiting new members until 2013, so obviously those in charge are taking the incident seriously, but that should only be the first step in rebuilding the sorority’s reputation.

Kappa Kappa Gamma, along with all Greek life at CSU, need to solidify the fact that they don’t exist as an outlet for binge drinking, but rather as a source for campus involvement and personal growth.

We just hope all student organizations take away this lesson from the incident: No one should ever have to compromise themselves or their health in order to feel like they “belong.”

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